My City!


Calgary – Family Style!

Next month, my family and I will have lived in Calgary for a year. Time flies when you’re having fun I tell you.
This has to be the most Beautiful city I’ve been to, and to live here is like a dream. I’ll admit, before last year, I only lived in rural Newfoundland. Newfoundland has its own charms to be sure, but Calgary is something in itself.

A typical spring/summer day here in Calgary for my family could be almost anything. With so much to do, and so much to see, its not hard to fill your plate with things to do.

We’ve been here a year, and I can honestly say, there are still hundreds of places we haven’t seen, or things we haven’t yet done. It’s mind boggling.

gemma zoo

Though one of my favorites have easily become the Calgary Zoo. It’s a magnificent conservation habitat for hundreds of species from around the world. I’m amazed every time I take my daughter there. Which was actually 3 times last week. You can see many Canadian natives like the Bison, Wolf, Caribou and Lynx etc. Then you can go across the bridge and see rain-forest, and Savannah lovelies like Hippos, Gorillas, Giraffes, Lions, Tigers…. the list goes on; and we can’t forget my Daughters favorite – the Penguins at Penguin Plunge! Ok, ok, maybe they are my favorite too.

We buy our yearly Zoo pass, and let me tell you, its SOOOO worth it. Not only are you supporting the conservation efforts of the zoo (which are spectacular), but you get free parking, exclusive access and pricing to events at the zoo like “Zoo Lights”, and other holiday activities; but also deals on food/drinks and zoo memorabilia as well at the gift shops and restaurants.

So please, if you visit Calgary, visit our Zoo. Just make sure to clear your schedule and make a day of it!

Here is the link to the Calgary Zoos Website.

stephen ave01

Another family favorite is Charming Stephen Ave(8th Ave SW). It’s right in the heart of downtown Calgary, and a walking-only street. So, let the kids loose, and enjoy the modern architecture, delightful shops and exquisite restaurants with outdoor dining.  Did I mention that there is also a huge indoor shopping center known as The Core? With Indoor green space known as The Devonian Gardens, Complete with playground. The Calgary tower is also just around the Corner, and beautiful Glenbow Museum is there on the street as well.

Walking along Stephen Ave encompasses city life for me. Skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle of city folk, buskers, and just the ambiance that incorporates the whole feel of the city. We walk Stephen Ave 3-4 times a month during the spring and summer. We’ll start at the west end near The Core and walk our way east to Olympic Plaza/City Hall (Hitting up the Calgary Tower along the way).

There is almost always something happening at Olympic Plaza during the summer. Many festivals and activities. Last year we attended a Middle Eastern Festival, complete with Music, food, and clothing/accessory venders. It was amazing to experience a little Middle Eastern culture within our own Canadian city.

I feel like I can’t mention Olympic Plaza and not give a quick reference to some permanent, shady individuals that take up residence near and around the Plaza. I guess I’ll just say be on your toes. Every city has ‘em.

Please visit this website for all things ‘Downtown Calgary’.

Those are only two of the many places that have become close to my heart here in Calgary. Like I said previously, there are so, so many wonderful spots here to visit, and I’ll express my love for those in posts to come. Promise!

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about my wonderful city!

Ta-Ta for now pipsqueaks,

Gem’s mom out!

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